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Our full bridal packages are designed to make sure you and your children have the ultimate experience on your special day. Including pre-wedding visits, full support on the wedding day and the option for overnight care on the wedding night. All these features combining to ensure you and your family have a dreamy day to remember.

Meet and greet pre-wedding visit to your home

During this visit, your children can get to know their nanny. The bride and groom can also go over details the nanny needs to know for the day. Getting to know your nanny will help your day run more smoothly as she becomes a familiar presence. These visits can also be helpful if there are last minute wedding preparations! Each visit is for a maximum of 4 hours, extra home visits or extended time can be provided for an additional cost.

Full wedding day nanny

• Attending the location where you, the bride is getting ready. Your nanny can entertain your children and give them some individual attention. They can also assist in getting them ready and preparing them for photos. They will then follow you to the ceremony.

• Your nanny will assist in getting your children down the aisle and they can take care of them during the vows to avoid interruptions.

• Your nanny will follow while you have family photos and can assist where necessary. They will entertain the children while waiting for the reception to begin, ensuring they are kept clean, fed and hydrated.

• During the reception they will help your children with their meals and keep them as quiet as possible during speeches. They will entertain them and if requested bring along age appropriate activities.

​• When your children are tired or their part of the day is finished, your nanny can take the children back to the hotel or their home. Some venues can provide a room where your nanny can give the children some quiet time. 

Our package is 10 hour booking, times can be adapted to suit your requirements. There is a added option of overnight care on the evening of your wedding. You will know your children are in safe hands either in their own home or at the hotel/accommodation. Ensuring you can enjoy your big day with peace of mind. 

Packages start at $900 including booking fee and bag of activities. 
​*Full activity room and toys can be provided at an extra cost.

Travel and transport fees may occur.

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