"Melissa looked after my two children at my wedding recently. She was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond to ensure my children were well cared for, comfortable and safe. Even went the extra-mile to fit my dress right before I walked down the aisle!
She took my children home once they were tired which made our wedding even more relaxing and enjoyable as we knew our kids were safe and happy. Melissa is a warm, kind and beautiful person. I would recommend her to anyone! My kids feel calm and relaxed in her company and I always knew they would be fine. Thank you Melissa! You are fantastic!"

"Melissa and Lauren came to our wedding to look after our children and our guests children. She absolutely fantastic! Our daughters adored her and we were able to relax and have a fantastic night knowing our little ones were in safe hands. The other children were all happily  and entertained all night. It was great being able to have the kids be part of the wedding but also great that the parents could let their hair down without having the chase their kids around. Would highly recommend!”


"We contacted Melissa in April 2017 seeking help with our 2 children (ages 3.5 and 21 month ) on our wedding day. Melissa put us in touch with a lovely nanny who was brilliant with comforting and entertaining our children for the entire day. Most importantly our kids were happy which made us extremely happy and feel at ease on our big day- allowing us to focus on our guests and really enjoy the celebration. Event nannies exceeded our expectations in every way. Melissa's nannies are reasonable priced, highly qualified, professional and emotionally intelligent. We would absolutely recommend the team at Event Nannies to others looking for help with their little ones for big events/celebrations. We are thrilled that we chose and entrusted Event Nannies with our children and believe that our investment in one of Melissa’s qualified, highly professional nannies was one of our best investments a couple can make on their big day.
Thank you Melissa and the team at Event Nannies."

"Melissa looked after my 22 month old daughter at our wedding in January, and she was absolutely amazing!! She is calm, caring and patient, and Matilda warmed to her instantly, as did I. Knowing that my daughter had the one on one attention on our big day took so much stress away for me and my husband. Not only did Melissa look after my daughter but she also assisted with my niece and nephews during the reception as she sat at the kids table with all of them, this allowed their parents to enjoy their night and be able to have an adult conversation! I had so many guests at our wedding comment on how amazing Melissa is, even now friends still mention how great she was. Melissa truly is fantastic, and I would not hesitate to call her again to look after my daughter. Thank you Melissa, you were a life saver on our big day!

"Melissa watched our 2.5 year old son and 1.5 year old daughter during our wedding on Friday and overnight so my husband and I had a night away. She was beyond amazing, so patient with the kids and they just took to her the moment they met. Melissa you made the whole experience amazing and took away so much stress I had. Would highly highly recommended Melissa for any event, she was amazing "


"Melissa is amazing. She looked after my 2 year old son at our wedding recently. It made the day stress free knowing my son was in good hands. Melissa looked after him all day and put him to bed when he was tired. My son was comfortable with Melissa and happy to play with her. Will be using Melissa in future for all our babysitting."

"Melissa was fantastic at our wedding recently, looking after 3 active little boys (4yo, 2.5 yo, 1 yo). Our boys were our bridal party, and Melissa ensured they were keep clean and as "well behaved" as little boys can be. During our ceremony Melissa was right there to distract them and look after them if needed (without being intrusive or getting in the way). Our youngest 1 year old is very attached to us and often cries for anyone else, but had absolutely no problem going to Melissa. To be honest I wasn't 100% sure how it was all going to work out, but with us being so consumed on the day it was such a relief having someone solely there to look after our boys. There were a few other children at the wedding also, and they all enjoyed activity packs that Melissa brought for them. Overall it was such a relief having a dedicated event nanny for the day - highly recommend! "

"Melissa made the experience of attending a wedding with a very fussy then-9 month old a breeze. She's thoughtful, caring, vigilant, reliable and laid back all at once. Her rapport with my son is unlike anything I've ever seen with anyone else since. There isn't a question she can't answer and there isn't anything for your child she can't do. Best nanny we've ever had and will ever have!"