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Our team of experienced and nurturing nannies are also able to create the ultimate experience for you at your upcoming event. Our bespoke packages mean we care. Tailor the perfect package for you depending on your needs.


If your venue can accommodate, Event Nannies can create a childcare activity room or zone. In this space our nannies will set up age appropriate activities to entertain the children, making it a fun but stylish space for the them to enjoy. The nannies will be responsible for the children while allowing parents to pop in at any time. This can be helpful if you have a number of guest struggling with childcare options , breastfeeding mums or for those parents who may be uncomfortable leaving their children for the day.

Prices start from $800 for 5 hour reception for 2 nannies including booking fee.

Full styled activity room set up with tee pee, children’s table, toys, crafts, games and entertainment from $400.

Basic activity zone packages from $300. 

Activity bags for tables are also available.

We can tailor a package to suit your event requirements.

*a nanny must be booked with set up. 


​Event Nannies can attend your event to provide guests an extra pair of hands. Duties can include sitting at the children’s table to assist with their meals, helping to entertain and keep them happy and quiet during speeches. They are not sole charge carers, supervision must be shared with the parents/guardians but they can enhance your guest’s experience while they dance, catch up with friends/family and enjoy the special occasion.

Prices start from $400 for 5 hour reception including booking fees for 1 nanny.
​*Activities available at an extra cost. 


Our nannies can be your saving grace at your child’s birthday. We can provide extra support before, during and after the event. Our nannies can assist with set up and pack down and during the event to assist with your planned games and activities, help with meals, toilet breaks, assist with supervision and general tidying.


Prices start from $340 for up to 4 hours including booking fee.

Please note these nannies are not left to supervise the children alone, they are there for assistance and support only. They are able to assist with tidying but not heavy cleaning.

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